My journey into the Hermetic mysteries began with such awe and wonderment. Like so many in this age of materialism, my soul yearned for more than could be observed under a microscope. Though it was over twenty years ago that my eyes were first opened to spiritual wisdom, it wasn’t until ten years later – after being initiated into one of the largest Hermetic organizations of modern times – that this spiritual yearning cemented itself into my life’s prime motivation. Initial curiosity multiplied upon introduction to serious occultists knowledgeable in magic, alchemy, and Hermetic philosophy. All seemed to promise the accomplishment of the Great Work–the confection of the Philosopher’s Stone–union with the Higher Divine Self–expansion of consciousness into that of the Supreme Being Itself.

Over the course of ten years, I became proficient in the Hermetic teachings of this school. In that time, I had come to serve among the order leaders and as a close working partner to the elders of the group. Taking part in the most sacred of their magical rites, I practiced from their guarded texts and assisted on those occasions when their most coveted of private teachings were received. I soon found myself in the circle of the “elite” whose precise workings to this day are known to fewer people than I have fingers. According to the most eminent of these teachings, I had supposedly arrived at the summit of their Hermetic wisdom. Still, I remained entirely empty.

Stripped of my initial sense of awe, I found myself in the now disparaging position of having lowered all of my lofty expectations, all of my hopes, all of my dreams concerning mystical possibility. Certainly, without equivocation, I had experienced a profound depth of spirit. I had seen practical magic manifest material wishes. I bore witness to phenomena any skeptic would consider miraculous. And still, these moments were fleeting and nearly impossible to predict or replicate on any reliable basis. If I was at the summit, and that was all there was, then the sacred mysteries of Hermes, of the Philosopher’s Stone, of the Rosicrucians, and of the Magi were not at all the stuff of their legends.

Emptied of wonderment and faith, I came to the disturbing conclusion that the legends of old were mere fantasy. The Art could not be mastered in a reliable or repeatable fashion. The miraculous was only as impressive as a chance hallucination. And laboratory alchemy was little more than chemical meditation, not the transformative spiritualization of matter and the authentic materialization of spirit.

However, after one final leap of faith in 2010 on a seemingly random introduction to Rubaphilos Salfluére and The Heredom Group, I now remain eternally grateful to have been proven dead wrong through demonstration–The Art CAN be mastered in a reliable and repeatable fashion (for those who are ready). And its majesty CAN be witnessed on a daily basis by those who have proven to Nature that they will not profane Her mysteries.

I hope this website serves as an inspiration to those souls Nature has ripened for similar instruction and proof of Her glory.